STAGE ONE: Decluttering/Downsizing Your Space/Moving In/Working 9 to 5 - remotely

We work together to clear clutter and create systems that work best for you in your home and work space. I am there to manage the organizing project, motivate you, listen, support your decision making, generate storage ideas as well as art and design ideas, partner with you during the entire project and follow up with you afterward. All donations are removed at the end of the session by the client. I come with basic supplies - I do not ask you to buy fancy containers for our initial session and I will provide you with amazing tips to save time and money. Are you feeling overwhelmed in your home? Let me help you with that. These sessions can be cleared off your plate soon.

Stage Two: Making your space a HAVEN

Life gets easier. More time for Passion, Focus, Self-Care, Creativity and YOU! I find that people enjoy scheduling a few shorter organizing sessions rather than one long one. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Three to four hours max for each organizing session. During this stage, we can decorate, restore the space and add your personal stamp. Create your calm, functional and joyful environment. Book a free call to see if I can help.


Kid’s Spaces

Whoosh! is the sound of how fast your child’s room can be organized for better sleep and play. It can be really tough to declutter on your own, on top of everything else-without getting overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fabulous organizer who can give you a bright, organized space? That’s me! WHEE! is the sound of you feeling better, now that you have a FANTASTIC ORGANIZER who understands kiddo spaces. No more avoiding rooms, shutting doors when people come over, or chucking everything in closets.


During our first session, we work together, parent and organizer. I also offer second round packages in which I teach your kiddos organizing techniques to help them keep the spaces bright and organized. (I have two years of Montessori Teaching and have worked with kids ages 2 to 14 for many years). References available! WOW! Chris organizes every kind of Kiddo space, yes, even hybrid rooms;the space will feel new. Plus, an uncluttered room may promote: peaceful mornings, easier getting ready for school, more focused homework times, calmer bedtimes and even calmer mamas, papas and grandmamas.